Pastor Frank Ray, III

KCC Phoenix Executive Pastor & Co-Founder of Kingdom City Church

The Pastor Frank E. Ray III is a powerful and anointed messenger, preacher, and speaker. His voice and unique view into Christian living offers diverse groups a meaningful lens for examining and empowering their lives. By example and edict, Pastor Ray has motivated and challenged people to change their communities, cities, states, and regions.

Being born and raised in the church, Pastor Ray has been involved in every aspect of ministry on every level from sweeping the floors and cleaning restrooms while working as a janitor in the church during the summers, to directing the angel choir, to being an usher, to being the president of the step team, to preaching the word of GOD.

Pastor Ray is the son of nationally recognized musician and producer Frank Ray Jr. and the grandson of world renowned pastor and evangelist Dr. Frank Ray Sr. One thing that is for sure about Pastor Frank Ray III is that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. For the past decade, Pastor Ray III has been sought after across the country for his fiery evangelistic passion to encourage and uplift those who are down, convict those who are lost, and stir up those who need revitalizing. 

It was 2005 when Pastor Ray acknowledged his calling to be a messenger of GOD and since 2005 he has been giving what the Bible calls the greatest service to man and that is spreading the gospel. He has conducted countless revivals, been a stapled voice at the national Baptist convention and conferences across the nations. In 2012, Pastor Ray was appointed as the Senior Pastor of the Mount Austin Church in Memphis, Tennessee where he was able to help the church make it through a tough transitional time in the life of the church. GOD displayed much favor as Mount Austin grew greatly under his leadership. In the same year, Pastor Ray returned to his home church New Salem M.B. church to simultaneously help serve along side his grandfather in a great capacity where he was appointed as the Senior Minister on staff. Pastor Ray has a unique way of reaching every generation through his preaching. 

From the seasoned saints to the baby saints, Pastor Ray is real and relevant yet still does not compromise the authenticity of the gospel. As a leader in the church and community, his genuine spirit and giving heart are perfectly married with his love and reverence for the Lord and his people. He has been called by some preacher, by some teacher, by some confidante, by some friend, but clearly one thing is for sure Pastor Frank Ray III has been called by GOD for such a time as this.